Tales of Amalthea is a master class in creature design from industry-leading concept artist Terryl Whitlatch. Learn her proven process and gain practical skills, knowledge and techniques for designing creatures all your own.

The Creator

Terryl Whitlatch is a scientific and academically trained creature designer and concept artist. Combining in-depth knowledge of zoology and animal anatomy with her incredible illustration skills, Terryl is celebrated as one of the top creature designers in the world.

Terryl has worked for Lucasfilm Ltd. and Industrial Light and Magic on films like Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Brother Bear, Jumanji 1 & 2, Men in Black and The Polar Express. She freelances in San Francisco while teaching illustration and animation classes at the Academy of Art University.

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Become a Pro

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum is geared toward providing outstanding creature design education for concept artists, creature illustrators, and aspiring artists like you.

Develop Your Expertise

Create the fantastic inhabitants of Amalthea from the inside out. Learn bone and muscle frameworks and combine them to create your own.

The Course Outline


Step-by-step instruction for using Terryl’s core methodology for creating professional creature designs.


In-depth lessons for drawing real and imaginary creatures following anatomically accurate zoological references.


Coloring and illustration techniques and tips for rendering concepts with Copic Markers.

Our three-part curriculum equips you with the skills required for developing your own creature designs. Start with research and design, and progress through the drawing and coloring steps to finish with a full color concept illustration.


Core Pack Part 1: Foundations

Learn the basic steps of Terryl’s creature design method. Research, design, and structure believable creatures based on both living and prehistoric examples. Discover twelve Amalthean creatures, and learn how they were developed.

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Core Pack Part 2: Drawing

Explore drawing lessons for all twelve Amalthean creatures. Start with the rig skeleton, and rough out the forms of the creature. Refine your drawing with final shading and texturing techniques.

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Core Pack Part 3: Coloring

Apply color step-by-step with Copic markers. Learn fundamental rendering skills for all twelve Amalthean creatures. Follow exact coloring steps to achieve lifelike drawings. Download included color swatch chart references for each creature.

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